High quality sunglasses are crafted with optically precise lenses so you can see clearer with less eye strain, providing you with more comfortable vision.


Harmful UV rays can cause cataracts and other preventable diseases like macular degeneration.


UVA is what causes aging, wrinkles, skin spots and long term damage to your eyes.


Sunglasses aren't only for the summer. Reflective UV rays can be just as damaging all year long.


It’s important to wear sunglasses while driving to help reduce bright glare and make driving more comfortable.


Inexpensive sunglasses may have 100% UV protection initially, but as they are wiped their protection may wear off.

Our Story

WHO WE ARE AND OUR MISSION Sunglass Cove was created by an optometrist in 2007. It has since been adapted into a store-within-a-store concept with locations in optometric practices across Canada. Our mission is to provide a range of quality sunglasses help protect your eyes against damaging UV rays, wind and bright conditions, preserving your vision for years to come.


OWNED AND OPERATED BY OPTOMETRISTS Since Sunglass Cove is owned by optometrists you can have your prescription put into the pair of sunglasses of your choosing. Having prescription sunglasses will provide you with quality eye protection, optimal vision and ideal visual clarity when you need it most. Protect your eyes with quality, optometrist approved sunglasses.


KEEP YOUR KIDS VISION SAFE 80% of the UV exposure we receive happens before we are 18 years old. A child is never too young for sunglasses. Kids’ eyes absorb 3x the amount of UV rays than adults, taking in roughly 70% more and may lead to permanent damage to the retina. Long-term UV damage is cumulative and irreversible. Protect your eyes early on.

Take Care of your Eyes