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Canada's Independent Vision Care Professionals

Eye Recommend is a cooperative and a growing network of independent optometrists dedicated to personalized and comprehensive eye care.

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Delivering quality eye care across Canada

Together we’re a community of independent optometry doctors who deliver the best in eye health through technologically advanced products, services and education. We’ve made it our job to stay on the pulse of the growing industry. There’s never been a better time to be a member.

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Your Premier Eye Care Cooperative 

Eye Recommend began in 1985 when a handful of visionary doctors came together to create a legacy and grow independent optometry across Canada.

We’re dedicated to serving every member in our network, they’re all optometrists just like you. Eye Recommend isn’t just any cooperative, it’s your cooperative.

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Eye Recommend members are independent business owners who own and operate their own optometric clinic while being part of a larger network and community across Canada. Becoming a member of Eye Recommend means maintaining autonomy and holding onto decision-making power and the independence of owning a clinic.