Dr. Sandy Johal of Panorama Optometry

Dr. Sandy Johal's 2020 Moment

Dr. Sandy Johal of Panorama Optometry is a Board Certified Developmental Optometrist. She has built her practice upon her passion for providing high-quality vision care that goes far beyond 20|20. Her broad clinical expertise combined with her commitment to helping patients overcome vision challenges in school, work, and everyday life, ensure that each and every patient can perform up to their potential.

Dr. Sandy Johal shares a touching story about one of her patients, a seven-year-old girl who was involved in a severe car accident. As a result of the incident, the girl suffered from daily headaches, blurred vision, had light sensitivity and was missing school as a result. A year and a half after the accident her mother took her in to visit Dr. Johal to address her concerns.

Find out how through a balanced prescription and vision therapy program the girl transformed and became a healthy happy girl again.