Dr. Anthony iuliano

Dr. Anthony Iuliano's 2020 Moment

Dr. Anthony Iuliano graduated with an honours degree in Biological Science from the University of Calgary with a goal of working in the health care profession. In 2008, he attended the University of Waterloo Optometry program and graduated with honors in 2012. He spent four months in Dallas, Texas working at Parkland Health and Hospital for an internship specializing in ocular disease, therapeutics, and low vision. Dr. Iuliano returned to his hometown of Calgary, Alberta and purchased Claresholm Eye Care in July 2012. In 2019, with longtime associate Dr. Manji, he opened River Heights Eye Care. He looks forward to providing the people of Cochrane quality eye care and eyewear for many years. Dr. Iuliano grew up playing competitive hockey up to the Junior A level and has done volunteer work for Hockey Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, participating in various water sports, and running with his dog Loki. 

There’s nothing routine about a routine eye exam. 
A few years ago I saw an older gentleman for a routine check-up. The word ‘routine’ is misleading because, although you may think of a checkup as standard, every patient has a unique set of eyes. The community where I live and practice has a large aging population and comprehensive eye exams can be key to helping my patients live longer and healthier lives Many patients think they just need to see their eye doctor for a new prescription, but a comprehensive eye exam goes well beyond clear vision.

Eye doctors can catch potential health problems.
The retinal photo for this particular patient showed hollenhorst plaque, a cholesterol plaque, which optometrists can see in retinal arteries using special optometry tools. Usually, these plaques in the retinal arteries can be a sign of blockage in the carotid artery putting you at risk for a stroke. I urged my patient to go see his family doctor and sent a letter to his doctor asking for an imaging test that uses ultrasound to examine arteries. I later discovered that my patient had near-complete blockage in his carotid artery and my discovery may have saved him from having a stroke.

Your optometrist might save your life today.
While plaque isn’t generally a concern for your sight, it is a concern for your overall health. When you visit your local optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam you’re able to take advantage of their entire skillset. We have spent years learning how to identify all sorts of potential health concerns that can be seen by looking deep into the patient’s eyes.

Eyes are the windows to your soul and your health.
The ability to look behind the human eye and see what’s inside can provide a unique perspective on your overall health. Your body deserves a team of health experts. When your family doctor and your eye doctor work together, they can grasp a better understanding of your overall health, assess your symptoms and learn what else might need further discovery. It’s important to take your eye health seriously and treat caring for your eyes as a crucial part of caring for your entire body.

Caring for your local community.
Living and working in a small community allows me to connect with my patients on a deeper and more meaningful level. As an optometrist part of my job is to help build awareness for eye health and how important it is for the entire family, no matter what your age. Your local optometrist might help you avoid a stroke or another potential life-altering health crisis.

~ Dr. Anthony Iuliano
Claresholm Eye Care
Claresholm, Alberta
River Heights Eye Care
Cochrane, Alberta